The Top Ten ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos!

So this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been going around for a few weeks now and at the time of this posting this odd viral sensation has raised just shy of 80 million dollars for ALS research.  There are plenty of compilation videos of this online but they tend to just satisfy our bloodlust of seeing people slip, get knocked out by dropped buckets or get embarrassed in some way.  Here at the Worst Show on the Web we wanted to do something a little different.  We have assembled our list of the top TEN ALS videos that don’t involve someone enduring water torture or receiving a concussion.   This is the top videos that at either poignant, humorous or just simply well done.  Enjoy.


Anthony Carbajal – starts out humorous, end up incredibly human


Kreg and Gabby Palko – a father with ALS and his wonderful daughter

We had trouble with the embed.  Please click here.


Phillip Nathaneal – Just a regular guy with a humbling perspective.


The Old Spice Guy – Well played Old Spice, well played indeed.


Jimmy Fallon and the Roots – it was simply an orgy of agua.


Patrick Stewart – Bringing a sense of class and decorum.


Matt Damon – He was willing to be disgusting to make a point.


Nick Offerman – What I love about this is that he really really tried to stick to the script.


Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters (and Nirvana) – Real, and a parody all at the same time.


Jason Hair-Wynn – It is obvious this guy is just looking for attention but he committed to his video, we commend him for that.


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