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      • Sam is a fan of horror movies and I ran across a review on IMDB that I found interesting with a fantastic explanation of a movie I just finally watched. Was interested in following up and found this website tagged at end of said review along with the username soncoman.

      • Well, I often post links to our reviews on IMDB so it could be me, but tell me what film we’re talking about and I’ll let you know.

      • The movie is Kill List, a 2011 British horror movie. It rather disturbed me and I was going through reviews and so yours or someone’s from this site that put it together for me.

      • Ah, yes. That’s a truly disturbing film. I screened it for the San Francisco International Film Festival back in 2012. A cleverly deceptive film with an extremely upsetting ending.

      • That’s pretty sweet to have been able to screen it. I was left shocked and disturbed much as I was the first time I watched The Texas Chain Saw Massacre for the first time in 2007. I had plans to watch another movie after Kill List, but didn’t. It stuck with me last night and still now. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your take and explanation of this great film since most of the time I am unable to do so. I’m subscribed to your site and look forward to more. Thank you for reaching out at my initial bizarre request. Cheers, mate!

      • Thanks for reaching out. Writers always appreciate the knowledge that their work is being read. And thanks for subscribing!

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