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S - Harry Harry Duke Show Co-Host Emeritus, Senior Arts & Entertainment Editor –  is an actor, director, teacher, and critic whose live theatre reviews can be found in print in the San Francisco Bay Area’s North Bay Bohemian and Pacific Sun and on-line at their respective websites as well as the  North Bay Stage and Screen website. He holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Sonoma State University where he graduated magna cum laude. Harry is an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area theatre community and has appeared in an average of three shows a year for the past several years. He’s been seen on Bay Area stages in roles as varied as ‘Pozzo’ in Waiting for Godot (in college with Kurtis) to his most recent role as ‘Mushnik’ in Little Shop of Horrors. He is also the Chief Information Officer of the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle.

Harry was the original co-host of the show with Kurtis when it took its current form.  His involvement with live theatre lead him to curtail his involvement, but Harry remains with the show as the Senior Arts & Entertainment Editor, Blog Master, and occasional fill-in co-host. His love of film has lead him to become the site’s principal film critic for foreign, independent and documentary films.

He currently resides in the beautiful wine country of Northern California where he spends his days teaching the youth of our country and his nights plotting against them.


S - CarnicelliChris Carnicelli Associate Film Correspondent – hails from Simi Valley, CA, and has a passion for writing. Screenplays, children’s plays, one-acts, movie reviews, short stories, novels, recipes, suicide notes – you name it, he’s probably written it. His published works (“Something in the Forest!” & “Charlie’s Halloween Party”) can be purchased on Amazon.com. (Thank you very much!) A member of the Gypsies-in-a-Trunk theatre troop, he has written and directed over 22 of their free “Fairy Tales in the Park” plays for kids. (www.fairytalesinthepark.com) Not one for staying behind the scenes, Chris is also an actor who has been doing stage performing for over 24 years in Ventura County. For more information, please visit his site at: www.carnicelli.net



318868_852239363653_818066705_nPeter WardenAssociate Film Correspondent – has been a frequent moviegoer for as long as he can remember. He is a graduate of Sonoma State University’s Theatre Arts program and a long time Sonoma County-based actor whose work has been seen in numerous local venues.  Peter has also spent time in L.A. and San Francisco and lived to tell about it.   He’s certainly seen his fair share of movies over the years and always relishes the chance to discuss what makes them fun, poignant and magical.  He hopes you enjoy hearing his thoughts and welcomes your thoughts in return.

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