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Kurtis (with a “K”) Bedford Show Co-Host – is a professional actor, third-generation General Contractor and Los Angeles native. He spent eight years living in Sonoma County, California where he met Harry, a fact this show has not let him forget. He has been seen in films and on TV shows as well as on many commercials for companies such as American Express, AT&T, CreditReport.com and many others. If you want to know more about him you can check out www.kurtisbedford.com (a rarely updated site which he plugs mercilessly). His podcast philosophy is “if you start at the bottom, you can’t fall any further.”

He is proving that motto wrong on a weekly basis.


Anthony Q. FarrellShow Co-Host – is a writer and actor residing in Los Angeles, USA by way of Toronto, CAN. He has written for The Office, In Gayle We Trust, Dwelling, Fred: The Show, and Nickelodeon’s upcoming superhero show The Thundermans. He also presided as executive story editor for Little Mosque on the Prairie and has produced and performed in various stand-up and sketch comedies.

What the hell he’s doing hosting this horrible show is beyond us…


Wes RobertsonShow Co-Host – is an LA based actor/writer by way of South Georgia. Thanks to Gary Larson, SNL, and being the fat kid in middle school, he is here entertaining people. You might recognize him from commercials for Chase, Fruit Gushers, and Natural Light. Most recently he was killed by a tiger while wearing an Elvis suit in SyFy Channel’s ‘Blast Vegas’. He loves comic books and hates clowns.

He must have really offended somebody to end up co-hosting this show…


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