Episode 4.11 – October 26, 2015 – A Bring Your Friend To Work episode with Talent Agent Theo Caesar


How Hollywood can you get when you are supposed to bring a friend to something and you bring your agent instead?  This week Kurtis does just that and this episode is really just an excuse for Kurtis to get some hang time with his agent Theo…we all see through his charade.   Actually Theo Caesar from 90210 Talent and Kurtis ARE friends and he did just come by to chill with the guys (Wes wasn’t there this week, we think).  They talk about everything from what it is like being a talent agent in Hollywood to how one dresses for Halloween when it is frozen outside.  If you ever wanted to know what NOT to say to your agent, you should check this episode out.

To watch this episode CLICK HERE!

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