Episode 4.1 – July 13, 2015 – An interview with Brad “Liquid Gold” Carter (Round 3)!

20130911_121058_5_200You might have thought we took last week off to celebrate our countries birthday, if you did, you were only partially correct.  We really took it off to prepare, to train, to sweat.  We needed to be in the best shape possible for the spectacle that is this weeks show…otherwise known as “The Fight of the Century!” The Worst Show Vs. Brad Carter: Round 3. It’s no holds barred as the Worst Show takes on reigning Velveeta Cheese Spokesman Brad  “Liquid Gold” Carter. You know Brad from HBO’s True Detective and SyFy’s Ascension, and from high school – If you went to high school with him. (Which you probably didn’t, so why do you even bring that up?)  Brad has been on our show a few other times starting back when it was just an audio podcast.  We have talked about his brain surgery, his music career and his numerous television shows.  Now we have something a little different to discuss: Velveta Shells and Cheese!  Brad has a new series of commercials out for Velveeta called “Liquid Gold” that are hilarious.  ..basically it was just an excuse to get Brad back in the studio.

To watch this episode please CLICK HERE!

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