Episode 3.23 – June 22, 2015 – An interview with Iron Man, Jules (Pulp Fiction) and Marilyn Monroe….sort of!

unnamed-8The summer is upon us and, as such, tourists are flocking to Los Angeles.  They want to see all of the places that have made Los Angeles special.  These wanderers head to the beaches, the Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills and they always eventually end up on Hollywood Boulevard.  Over the last decade or so Hollywood Walk of Fame has become a circus of sorts, especially in front of the historic Chinese Theater.  Dozens of people call their occupation spending their days dressed up in costumes of your favorite movie characters just hoping that you will spend a dollar or two to have your photo taken with them.  Do you ever wonder what kind of person does this?  Is it a calling or a desperate act?  In a city where thousands flock to year after year in hopes of stardom where do the people who perform this niche type of acting come from?  Tonight we are going to be joined by three actors Theresa Ireland, Paul Louis Harrell and Elliot Branch Jr..  They can often be found on Hollywood Blvd. as Marilyn Monroe, Iron Man and Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules from “Pulp Fiction,” respectively.  We are going to talk to them about what it is like to work in an environment where you are constantly competing with your fellow performers for the attention of a mostly transient audience.  We are going to hear dirt.  We are going to hear stories.   …and we are going to learn just why they do it.

To watch this episode please Click Here!

(photo credit main page Joe Klamar/Getty Images)

(photo credit this page – unknown)

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