Episode 3.17 – April 27, 2015 – An interview with Humboldt County Film Commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine!

182791_1814781060108_4294845_nIn yet another of our long series of shows spotlighting the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry tonight we have invited the film commissioner for Humboldt County, California to our studio.  What does a film commissioner do, you ask?  They try to get productions to use their geographic area and then they supervise them when they do.  Sounds boring, doesn’t it??  Noooo, tonight’s guest is far from boring.  Cassandra Hesseltine is a director/producer/actor/motorcycle cafe owner and yes, ALSO the film commissioner for the coastal area all the way at the top of California.  Whether if be for photo shoots, big budget blockbusters like “After Earth” or TV shows like “Finding Bigfoot” when location scouts need a certain look and feel for a project sometimes it is easier to go where where that already is, as opposed to building it on a soundstage or computer hard-drive…that is where the film commissioners come in.  Still sound boring?  How about getting able to schmooze with the likes of Brad Pitt and Will Smith while they are on vacation?  Where is your boring now?!?!   We will talking with Cassandra about those stories as well as a whole bunch of other stuff.  Too much to even mention, really.  Seriously…  Too.  Much.  To.  Mention.

To watch this episode please CLICK HERE!!

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