Episode 3.15 – April 13, 2015 – An interview with gag-gift empire creator Jonah White!

jonah_white_300Have you ever had an idea which you thought would make you a ba-jillion dollars?  We all have and, like most of us, you didn’t act on it and then within a year or two you started seeing it on store shelves.  “Why didn’t I do something with that?!?” you ask yourself. Well, tonight’s guest really sunk his teeth into an idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar gag-gift empire.

In 1993 Jonah White, CEO of Billy Bob Teeth Company, met Rich Bailey and the meeting changed his life. Bailey, a dental student, was sporting a pair of home-made “hillbilly buck teeth” while attending a football game.  After the game, the two met and began a friendship.  White took that idea, started a line of novelty “Billy Bob teeth” and a gag-gift empire was born.  To date, more than 20 million “Billy Bob Teeth” have been manufactured.  With an entire line of novelty gag gifts now sold by his company, Jonah has been utilizing his “redneck think tank” to solicit new novelty ideas on his Discovery Channel show “Billy Bob’s Gags to Riches.”  He recently partnered with Miley Cyrus on a product line of teeth (and even bought her a pet pig… so there’s that).

We will be talking with Jonah about what it’s like being a successful entrepreneur who’s become a giant in the novelty product arena and what a layman can do with his own “million dollar idea.”

To watch this episode please CLICK HERE!



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