Episode 3.13 – March 23, 2015 – An Interview with Writer/Producer Wendy Calhoun!

WendyCalhounHot damn we got one for you this week! The ultra-fabulous writer/producer Wendy Calhoun is on the show with us! You’re like, “Where do I know that name? It sounds familiar.” And we’re like, “Do you watch TV ever? She’s written on a bunch of awesome shows. So yeah, it’s familiar.” If you’re a fan of any of the following shows then there’s a good chance her words have beaten up on your eardrums once or twice. Ever heard of EMPIRE?! Only the biggest show happening right now! Before that NASHVILLE! And REVENGE! And JUSTIFIED! She even worked on HELL’S KITCHEN, so yeah. She’s pretty cool. And there’s a video game that just came out. BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE, anyone? We have no idea how we got her to do the show, but no one say nothing til we’re done! You hear me? Not a peep!

Bringing you the worst in web-slinging! This is the Worst Show on the Web!

To watch this episode CLICK HERE!

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