Episode 3.10 – March 2, 2015 – The Greene Boozer Elixir is back!

GBE“Yay!” we heard you exclaim.  “The Green Boozer Elixir is back!  Wait a second…..who?”  Yes, the wait is over…Sean Michael Boozer and Thomas Greene, better known as The Greene Boozer Elixir, are returning to our studio for another go around.  We hope it goes much better than the last time they were here.   Were they originally scheduled this week?  No, but it turns out that the guys of the TGBE are the Charles Nelson Reilly of the the Worst Show on the Web.  You either got that reference, or you think I am old.  The truth is that the last time we had them on was so much fun that we wanted to do it again.  This time they will be appearing fresh on the heels of their monthly comedy show at IO West in Hollywood.   Their last show was so good that they asked us to join them on stage (presumably to tone it down).  What followed was a 62 minute version of “Sit.  Lean.  Fetal Position.”  To get THAT particular joke you will probably have to watch the show (…but here is a hint, it has to do with Wes).  Join us this week with the funnymen duo The Greene Boozer Elixir.

To watch this episode please CLICK HERE!


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