Episode 2.21 – December 15, 2014 – NOT an interview with “pickup artist” Marni Kinrys (Cancellation)

2223_TheWingGirlMethod-Marni-Kinrys-photo3.jpg_1312867972Unfortunately Marni had to cancel.  a new show description will be here shortly.  The end of the year is upon us and since it is the last show of the year we at the Worst Show on the Web wanted to give our viewers a little gift.  Well, specifically we wanted to give our single viewers a little gift.  Okay, even more specifically we want to give this gift to our single male viewers.  Straight.. single, straight viewers.  Wow, could we qualify this any more?

Hey single guys – there is no need to spend the holidays alone, not when we can help you find that special someone. How are we – three shlubby married guys – going to be helping you, you ask?  By bringing in the big guns. This week we are going to be joined by “pickup artist” and self proclaimed “wing-girl” Marni Kinrys.  Marni knows what women are looking for and has taken it upon herself to teach men how to develop the tools and skill set to attract, date and get any girl they want through her unique curriculum, THE WING GIRL METHOD (www.winggirlmethod.com). This one-of-a-kind, self-help program takes a woman’s perspective and gives men a behind-the-scenes look into a woman’s mind and helps them build a strong masculine character in an attempt to bridge the gap in communication between the sexes.  Got that? Join us while we talk with Marni about how she developed her method and why she thinks men really don’t have any idea what is going on half of the time.

We will try our best not to overcome her with our obvious unbridled masculinity. Well, two of us, anyway…

To watch this episode please Click Here!


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