Episode 2.14 – October 13, 2014 – an Interview with Author Dee J. Adams

Oh baby! This is going to be an exciting one. This week we’re speaking with Romance Novelist, Dee J. Adams. Her books are so sultry and dangerous. With titles like Against the Wall, Dangerously Close, and Living Dangerously, there’s a good chance that our hosts will do a lot of frat-boyish giggling while asking her questions. Still, we’ll endeavor to make our way through it so we can learn all there is to learn about becoming an award-winning, self-made author.  Wait, is that all we are going to talk about?  Noooooo, Dee also does double duty as an actress and a dialogue coach. Working with all sorts of huge stars that could not have done it without her. One thing is for sure… this show won’t happen without her. Watch to find out where Dee gets her inspiration for her steamiest scenes! We’re going to discover all fifty shades of Dee J. Adams so don’t miss out!
To watch this episode please click here!
Click the book cover for the Amazon Link. 

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