Episode 2.11 – September 22, 2014 – an interview with humorist Dylan Brody.

91canEc7rAL._SL1500_This week we will be talking with humorist, playwright, author and comedian Dylan Brody.  For the last twenty years Dylan has been writing comedy for everyone from Robin Williams to Jay Leno.  He has written jokes, plays, books and done just about everything you can do in Hollywood to make people laugh.  As someone who has been open about his lifelong battles with depression Dylan has recently tried to battle it in a new way…by writing about it.  His new ebook, “The Modern Depression Guidebook: Why Not Learn How To Get The Best Out Of Your Depression?” has recently hit the virtual shelves.  It is a parody of the self-help genre and is sure to either cure your depression or sink you deeper in it.  We will be talking with Dylan about his career, his new ebook and what it is like to see your heroes succumb to the same thing that troubles you: depression.  Man, that sound morose.  Don’t worry, It will be a show filled with laughs.  Bringing you the absolute worst in happy-fun time, guaranteed.  

To watch this episode live (Sept, 22, 2014 @ 8PM Pacific 11PM Eastern) please Click Here.


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