Episode 2.4 – July 28, 2014 – An interview with “Cougar Town” actor Bob Clendenin

Bob Clendenin Happy FaceThis week’s guest looks a lot like that creepy guy you see on TV all the time.  In fact, this week’s guest IS that creepy guy you see on TV all the time.  Bob Clendenin has made appearances on over fifty television programs and in many, many films.  He is most notable, however, as Dr. Tom Gazelian on the hit TBS show Cougar Town, but If you haven’t checked out his work on the improvised sitcoms 10 Items or Less or Quickdraw, you really should.

This is Bob’s second appearance on The Worst Show on the Web (his first can be heard HERE) but his first time with us in living color! We will be talking with Bob about his appearances in numerous commercials (which, during the filming of one, he met Kurtis) and on shows such as Cougar Town, Scrubs, The Middle and many of the other shows that have the honor of casting him. Mostly we want to talk about Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Now bringing you the worst in audio AND video…  guaranteed!

To listen to this episode please click HERE.

Here is an AT&T commercial from a few years back featuring Bob and Kurtis:



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