Remember those big changes we talked about? Here they are! We are now on VIDEO!!!!


Have you missed us the past few months? Well, we sure have missed you!   During our absence, we completely revamped our operations here at WSOTW Central.  We remodeled the studio, repainted everything, designed and built new furniture and hardware, invested in technology,  and when it was all over with…  we ended up scrapping it because we were picked up by!

What is tradiov?  Well, it’s a cutting-edge broadcast network located in Hollywood, CA. TradioV focuses on celebrity-driven long-form TV and Radio content, broadcast in HD across the internet.  So what are we doing on it?

Well, we are joining the lineup at tradiov that includes video podcasts hosted by such luminaries as Andy Dick, Eric Roberts and Dave Navarro.  Note that we’re shifting our start time from 8PM PDT  to 9PM PDT, but we will be on every Monday night starting this coming Monday, July 7th!  Now you will get a chance to listen to us AND see how handsome we all are.  So this is a win/win, right?  Right?  RIGHT?!  Join us Monday.  We hope to see you there.  (Well, you can see us at least…)

Bringing you the absolute worst in video podcastery… guaranteed!


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