Does the New iPhone 5s Commercial Give You Flashbacks?

If you’re wondering if you’ve heard that damn “Chicken Fat” song used in the new iPhone 5s commercial before, you might have.  I know I think I did.  So I did a little research…

Subtitled “The Youth Fitness Song”, it was written by Meredith Willson of “The Music Man” fame in 1961 for President Kennedy’s Council on Physical Fitness.  It was distributed to public schools to use in their Physical Education programs. The full version, performed by Robert Preston, runs 06:32 and ran you through a full exercise program, but there was a DJ version distributed to radio that only ran 02:12.  I’m pretty damn sure the schools I attended in my youth used it,  particularly the one I attend for four years on a military base.  As if PE didn’t scar me enough…

Here’s the full version. Let your nightmares begin…


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