Snuffy Lives!! The return of the Shark Week commercial!

this-shocking-shark-week-ad-doesnt-end-well-for-snuffy-the-sealShark Week on the Discovery Channel has pretty much turned into a celebrated national holiday.  In case you are hopelessly landlocked, Shark Week is an entire week of programming entirely dedicated to… sharks!  It happens every year right in the middle of  the summer and it is a huge ratings bonanza.  Last year Shark Week brought in almost 29 million viewers to become the highest rated event in the Discovery Channel’s 26 year history.  In the run up to Shark Week 2013, the folks at the Discovery Channel released what has to have been one of the best commercials of the year.  It features a faux news story about the release of the fictitious sea-lion “Snuffy.” Completing rehabilitation after an injury, Snuffy was released back into the wild with, shall we say, a not-so-pleasant outcome.  Wait, why don’t I just play the commercial for you:


You can see why that video went viral.  It is equal parts awesome and horrific, all at the same time.  Many people actually thought it was real.  This year the fine folks down at Discovery decided to continue the story of our digested hero in a way that was not only hopeful and uplifting, but a dig at Syfy’s Sharknado.  In Sharknado, Ian Ziering plays a man who climbed into a shark to rescue a woman who had been swallowed whole.   In the new Shark Week commercial, you see a…   you know, why don’t I just play that ,too?  Oh, I forgot to mention something.  The guy at the end who does the thing you weren’t expecting?    Yeah, that was me.  Literally.  Me.

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