10 Television Shows I Have Never Seen

With all the recent news of television shows being cancelled or renewed, I thought I’d take a moment and look at popular TV shows that I (for one reason or another) have never taken the opportunity to watch. Not watching some of these shows means that I automatically exclude myself from workplace conversations and 92% of Facebook chat, but that’s not always such a bad thing.  In alphabetical order, they are:

idol01American Idol – Most modern music sucks. The thought of watching amateurs singing lousy songs has zero appeal to me.

horror01American Horror Story – I haven’t been able to take Jessica Lange seriously since King Kong.


Breaking Bad – I work in the education field and I have only known a handful of teachers who are also meth dealers. Sorry, I don’t leave work to come home and watch it on TV.


Downton Abbey – One of Britain’s innumerable attempts to get back at us for kicking their asses 200+ years ago. Having been forced to watch “Upstairs/Downstairs” as a child, I tend to avoid anything that smacks of that.

Game of Thrones – Apparently this is based on a graphic novel which is a fancy name for a comic book. I don’t read comic books. I tried watching a TV show based on a comic book once – Wonder Woman. Therefore, the chance that Game of Thrones is anything like Wonder Woman keeps me from watching it.

House of Cards – On the other hand, I LOVED the original British miniseries. Remakes are almost always disappointing. Best to keep my memories unsullied. That and the fact that I refuse to watch anything Kevin Spacey does till he apologizes for K-Pax, Beyond the Sea, and the execrable Pay it Forward.

Mad Men – I stopped watching AMC (which was originally American Movie Classics) when they stopped showing classic movies and started showing things like Predator.

Survivor – If I want to watch a bunch of people lie, cheat and backstab their way to riches, I can tune into C-SPAN.

24 – Never had the time to watch it.

The Walking Dead – If I want to watch a bunch of lifeless, heartless, brain dead shells of human beings slowly attempt to take over the world, I can tune into Fox News.

So there you go.   What popular TV shows have you missed to the consternation of your friends and/or co-workers?

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