03/17/14 – “The Lost Episode!”

We are calling this show “The Lost Episode!” because even though we recorded it, a publishing mix-up prevented us from putting it on our website until now.  So, without further ado, we present…     Last week on the Worst Show on the Web we had no guest.  Nobody to ask things of, nobody to talk to, nobody for Kurtis to make connections with, and then talk all about himself.    Soooo, what do we do when we have something like this happen?  We are forced to talk to ourselves…I mean, each other.  We had a wonderfully spirited show on just about everything you could think of (and by “you” we meant “we”) and now we are sharing it with you (by “you” we do, in fact, mean “you” because “we” have already heard it).

Bringing you the absolute worst in inane banter via podcast… guaranteed!


To listen to this episode please click here!


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