03/03/14 – “The Oscar/Razzie/Indie Spirit Awards Recap Episode”


Yes, we know it feels like the Academy Awards telecast just finished 5 minutes ago, and you’ve probably spent the day reading the reactions to last night’s bloated extravaganza, but we here at the Worst Show on the Web can’t pass up the opportunity to add our two cents to the discussion. Join us for a free wheeling conversation on all things Oscar, from the winners and losers to the job Ellen DeGeneres did as host.

For added fun, we’ll also talk about this year’s Independent Spirit Awards as well as the Razzie Awards, which honor the year’s worst in cinema. To quote our film correspondent Peter Warden, “Make a crappy movie that flops at the box-office and proceeds to earn a Razzie for you, a Razzie for your talentless son, and another Razzie for you both to share, and still you’re considered worthy of announcing the Oscar for Best Picture of that year. I guess there’s no stopping Mr. Will Smith.”

For more insight like that, tune in tonight!

Bringing you the worst in post-Oscar, post-Indie Spirit Awards and post-Razzie coverage via podcast… guaranteed!

To listen to this episode please click here.

One thought on “03/03/14 – “The Oscar/Razzie/Indie Spirit Awards Recap Episode”

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