02/24/14 – “The All Hail The Geeks Episode!”

P - GeekCred02This week we will be joined by members of the cast of “Greek Cred,” a new comedy series OF the comic fans, BY the comic fans, FOR the comic fans (which we hope shall not perish from the earth.) “Geek Cred” is a scripted series set within a comic book store, celebrating what it means to be a fan of comics and… well, at its heart; a fan of anything! This series, created by Daniel Beals, is currently trying to raise money to produce its first season.

The ensemble behind “Geek Cred” have worked on everything from “True Blood” to “Children’s Hospital.” One of them even co-hosts a weekly podcast of questionable quality. Yes, our own Wes Robertson is a member of the cast (you would have thought we would have heard about this sooner). Tonight we are going to be joined in-studio by the cast to talk about the show and why their show is going to be the geekiest, nerdiest, most comic-tastic show out there!

Bringing you the absolute worst in nepotistic guest interviews via podcast… guaranteed!

Visit Geek Cred’s indiegogo page at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/geek-cred

To listen to this episode please click here.


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