02/17/14 – “The 3rd Indie Film Cred Episode (this time w/Jack Perez)!”

Is this a series now?  Our guest on this week’s program is yet another multifaceted writer/producer/director, but for a slight change of pace this guy makes/directs giant monsters! Jack Perez is a director who seems to be specializing in horror films.  You may know him from his hugely successful “Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus” but he has brought us numerous films including  “Some Guy Who Kills People”, “Wild Things 2” as well as the web-series “Fear Force Five.” He’ll be sharing his insights into not only what it takes to be a director in Hollywood but what it takes to bring giant zombie sea serpents to life.

Continuing to bring you the worst in Indie-Filmmaker interviews and web talk radio… guaranteed!

To listen to this episode click here!

Trailer for his webseries “Fear Force Five”:


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