12/30/13 – “The Little Girl Who Needs Our Help Episode!”

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What do you do when your insurance company won’t cover the one thing the doctors say your child needs?  This week on the Worst Show on the Web, we will be talking with Jenny Shapiro.  Two years ago her daughter, Alexis, had surgery to remove a benign brain tumor.  Although the surgery went well, it left her with hypothalmic obesity, a very rare condition that caused excessive weight gain.  Alexis, who is only twelve years old, carries 198 pounds on her 4’7″ frame.  Her parents and doctors put all hope of a safe recovery into a gastric bypass surgery, something that their insurance provider, TRICARE, has refused to provide.  We will be talking to Jenny about not only what it has been like dealing with an insurance provide that won’t give your child the one thing she needs but we will also talk to her about what it is like to suddenly become the focus of a lot of media attention. 

Bringing you the absolute worst in touchy-feely interviews and web talk radio…  guaranteed!

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To support Alexis please go to: http://www.gofundme.com/3onp2g

To listen to this episode please click here!

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