Rant – The Worst Tourist in The World

So, recently I took a trip to “jolly old England” which was exciting to me because it was my first trip “across the pond.” You should also know that have a “tendency” to “overuse” “quotes” when I write about “things.”

The trip was mostly for business, so I didn’t have much time to check out one of the oldest cities in the modern world, but I did pretty good. You’ll see. I only had about a day and a half to see all of London, so I had to really be picky about what I checked out. That’ll become clear to you as you watch the many entries to my video blog.

The trip began in the beautifully remodeled Tom Bradley International Terminal, of which you’ll see very little in this video I made about choosing the right accent to use when I got to London.

Once I landed and settled into my fancy hotel, I did a little walking around Shepard’s Bush. Shepard’s Bush is a well-to-do area of West London. I learned a lot on my short walk that night. Like how creepy a dimly lit Hallway is. And what Double Decker buses look like. And where to find Werewolves.

The next day, I woke up bright and early. Ready for a long walk around London. I started by sauntering through Kensington Park. Where I’m pretty sure I saw Big Ben? I also found a fitting tribute to Dame Edna and had a little dust up with some Killer Swans.

After some fish and chips I arrived at one of the biggest draws in England… Bucky Place! Or as the Queen refers to it, Buckingham Palace. But she’s so snooty, she thinks everywhere is a palace. She calls McDonald’s the Burger Palace.

I then walked up to Picadilly Circus, around Leicester Square then across Westminister Bridge to the South Bank. Crossing the big river was very cool. Catch a glimpse of the London Eye in this little video about The Thames.

On the other side of The Thames is the South Bank. An awesome place for artists. I felt real hip walking around that place. I even stopped in at Shakespeare’s New Globe Theatre and got to check out a Belarussian troupe rehearsing King Lear. Absolutely amazing. Sadly, I couldn’t film any of the rehearsal, so instead take a look at this Hobo Shower. Later I watched Othello at the National Theatre. Incredible. Othello set against the backdrop of The Gulf War. Stellar performances and an overall intense production. Again, I couldn’t take video so here’s this video of me trying to find The Farmer in the Dell.

I truly wish I had a few extra weeks to snoop around the city. There was so much more to see. Until then though, I’ll always have this historically “accurate” video of me in a Rose Garden.




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