09/30/13 – “The Guy You See Everywhere Show!”

* TONIGHT’S GUEST HAS POSTPONED HIS APPEARANCE DUE TO SCHEDULING CONFLICTS! *  You might not know this week’s guest by name but you surely know his face.  Bob Clendenin is a character actor who has had regular roles on so many shows it isn’t even funny.  From Scrubs to The Closer to The Middle to Cougartown , Bob seems to be everywhere. He even shows up in the video game L.A. Noire.  In addition to his regular role of Tom on Cougartown he can currently be seen on the Hulu comedy QuickdrawQuickdraw is an improvised western brought to you by the creators of 10 Items or Less, which was another show Bob was on.  Bringing you the absolute worst interviews with people who make us feel like we are underachievers and web talk radio… guaranteed!

To listen to this episode, click below:

09/30/13 – "The Guy You See Everywhere Show!" 09/30 by WorstShowOnTheWeb | Comedy Podcasts.

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