07/15/13 – “The Playing Guitar During Brain Surgery Show!”

What an odd title for an episode, don’t you think? Well, that is exactly what happened to this weeks guest, Brad Carter. Brad is a successful Los Angeles base actor and musician who, for a number of years, has been battling a diagnosis of “benign essential tremors” which had robbed him of his ability to play music. On May 23rd he was the 500th person to undergo a procedure at UCLA Medical Center to help combat his symptoms. His brain surgery, which was streamed live on the internet, was also remarkable for the fact that he played the guitar during much of the seven hour procedure to help the doctors pinpoint the exact location for an implant. We don’t know if this affected his reasoning but he has agreed to come to our studio for an interview (We might even get him to play some music). Bringing you the best in medically induced podcast guests, guaranteed!

To listen to this episode either click on the BTR player to the left or follow this link.

Here is a link to Brad Carter’s website: http://www.bradcarter.me

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