Rave – “Good Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevening…” ( The Hitchcock 9 Program)

“Champagne”, “”Downhill”, “The Manxman”. Recognize these film titles? Probably not. How about “Psycho”, “The Birds”, or “North by Northwest”? Of course you know these, they’re instantly recognizable film classics by the late, great Alfred Hitchcock. So who’s responsible for the first three films? Same answer – Hitchcock.

Photo Courtesy of BFI

Alfred Hitchcock’s silent film work is little known or seen. That’s about to change courtesy the British Film Institute and the San Francisco Silent Film Festival as “The Hitchcock 9” program opens its national tour in San Francisco at the beautiful Castro Theatre. The program consists of Hitchcock’s nine earliest surviving films. Produced between 1925 and 1929 and rarely seen, the films have been painstakingly restored by the BFI and are being shown in new 35mm prints. The titles on tour are: “The Pleasure Garden” (1925); “Downhill” (1927); “The Lodger” (1927); “The Ring” (1927); “Easy Virtue” (1928”); “Champagne” (1928); “The Farmer’s Wife” (1928); “The Manxman” (1929); “Blackmail” (1929).

While these simple titles fail to evoke the imagery of such titles as “The Man Who Knew Too Much” or “Strangers on a Train”, hopefully the films themselves will give us hints of the cinematic things to come from “The Master of Suspense”. I plan to be in attendance and hope to catch at least four of the nine. The films will be accompanied with live music, either by a live orchestra, or by an organist on the Castro’s mighty Wurlizter. Beautifully restored silent films… a magnificent movie palace… live period music… Does it get any better than this for a classic-film lover?

The Festival runs Friday, June 14th through Sunday, June 16th at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre.

More information can be found here —>


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