12/10/12 – “The Listening Show”

If you have something you really want to say, why call a talk show and bother us digitally when there are living, breathing human beings willing to listen in person? Who might that be, you ask? Well, someone like tonight’s guest – Benjamin Mathes from UrbanConfessional.org. What is that, you ask? It’s an organization of artists who believe people need to be heard. They can be found at various public venues around Los Angeles offering to give up their time to listen to anything people want to share with them. They don’t give advice, they don’t judge, they just sit (or stand) there and listen. So, why don’t YOU take a cue from THEM and LISTEN to the Worst Show on the Web right now! Bringing you the absolute worst in human confessionals and web talk radio… guaranteed! (At least that’s what we have heard…)

Click here to listen!

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