Rave – Jon’s Top Five Halloween Movies/ Shows/Specials

Happy Halloween everybody! For the last few years we’ve picked our top five Halloween songs and then had a huge debate about them on the show. This year I’ve decided to throw a curve-ball and list my top-five movies/TV Shows/Specials instead.

My list is a little “off the beaten path”. I’ve never been a fan of the horror genre in general, so the shows that say “Halloween” to me are mostly reminiscent of my childhood in some way:

#5 – “Knight Rider – Halloween Knight”. I wasn’t allowed to stay up late enough to watch my favorite TV show “Knight Rider”, so I had to videotape it. That meant that I had this episode on tape and could watch it around Halloween every year… Yeah this show was campy as hell, and you had to be a pre-teen to enjoy it, but I was, and I did! This episode had the “Psycho house” in it and some fairly decent special effects for the time… it was also one of the first episodes of the show that didn’t take itself too seriously:

#4 – “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. Of course this HAS to be on the list… anyone who’s grown up since the 1960’s has grown up with this special. I used to have nightmares about the part where the Red Baron shoots down Snoopy. I mean a flying doghouse?! That’s some terrifying stuff!

#3 – “South Park: Pinkeye”. The first of many excellent South Park Halloween specials, and the first episode of South Park I watched as it aired. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at a cartoon as I did when Chef jumps out the window. This episode is chock-full of one-liners and other phrases that eventually made their way into the pop-culture lexicon. A classic.

#2 – The Disney Specials “Halloween Hall O’ Fame”. Jonathan Winters? Yes please. This special was awesome… Sleepy Hollow… it was great to look forward to this year after year. Part showcase of Jonathan Winter’s comedy (certainly dated, and not P.C.) and part advertisement for Disney, it was a classic example of the marketing that made Disney what it was in its heyday:

#1 – “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”. This is one of my favorite movies of all time because it does a perfect job of capturing what being a kid at Halloween was like at that time. This movie does such an amazing job of capturing early 1980’s suburbia (especially the San Fernando Valley), it really takes me back to the Halloweens of my youth every time I see it.

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