07/09/12 – “The Burnt Popcon Show”

Is there any worse smell than the smell of burnt popcorn? Yes, there is, and it was eminating from the LA Convention Center this past weekend. We attended the inaugural “Popcon LA” – a ‘pop culture’ convention of sorts – some of us as press, some of us as participants, and one of us as a VIP. How’d that happen? Well, we’ll tell you all about it tonight as we dissect this event. Dissect? Perform an autopsy is more like it. That’s what you do with a corpse from a crime scene. Yeah, that’s more like it.

One of the rare bright spots from the ‘convention’ was the appearance of an R2D2 Builder’s club. Does it get any geekier than that? We’ll be joined by master droid-ologist Darth Will to discuss all things robotic.

The absolute highlight for us was the time we got to spend interviewing acting legend Richard Anderson. Mr. Anderson was very gracious to speak to us at length about his fascinating career – from “Forbidden Planet” to Kubrik’s “Paths of Glory” to Frankenheimer’s “Seconds” to his gig fighting Kolchak as “The Night Strangler.” Surprisingly, one of the films he most wanted to talk about was “The Curse of the Faceless Man.” Whooda thunk?

Bringing you the absolute worst in absolute worst pop culture convention coverage and web talk radio… guaranteed!

Here the episode here—> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/worstshowontheweb/2012/07/10/070912–the-burnt-popcon-show

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