06/04/12 – “The Swap-O-Matic Show”

Man, do we have a packed show for you this evening! First, we will be joined by “Scorch The Clown” from Freakshow Wrestling. You might remember Freakshow Wrestling from our 02/27 episode. They have a new event coming to Los Angeles, and they’re gonna to tell us all about it.

Second, we will be talking to Lina Fenequito, the inventor of what what we think is one of the most amazing vending machines ever (excluding the cupcake vending machine in Beverly Hills) – the Swap-O-Matic! This novel approach to “vending” is really more about swapping things than it is about buying them. We think it’s awesome and so should you!

Finally, we’ll be joined by occasional Show Host Harry to talk about an interesting new film now in limited release – “Hide Away” starring Josh Lucas.

This is WAY more entertainment than we are used to giving to you and you are used to getting. Bringing you the absolute worst in mechanical swapping, oddball wrestling, independent film reviewing, and web talk radio… guaranteed!

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