Update – SFiFF 55 Begins! (Opening Weekend)

Well, actually it began last night with a showing of “Farewell, My Queen” at the Castro Theatre.

However, because I couldn’t drag my ass down to the city three nights in a row, (and if I did, I’m not sure a costumed period piece was the way to begin…) I opted for Friday to be my initial visit. I’m hoping to catch two films tonight. They are:

“The Fourth Dimension”

“Gimme the Loot”

They both look interesting and different. I’ll post reviews later. I had to pass up the chance to interview Val Kilmer and Harmony Korine earlier today. Probably just as well. I would have probably wanted an apology from Korine for “Gummo” and one from Kilmer for “The Saint.” For now, I’m slumming in the press lounge and looking to connect with some “fellow travelers” I’ve met over the past few years. I’ll check back in after the films…



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