03/19/12 – “The Twisted Endings Show”

We had a chance to preview the British “horror” film “Kill List” before its recent opening at the San Francisco Film Society Cinema. You can check out the post below for the trailer and more info. Tonight’s show consists of our reactions to this very interesting film as well as a larger discussion about films that have had “surprise” or “twisted” endings.

** SPOILER ALERT ** We will be talking about the “twist” endings to a lot of films, so you may want to be ready to cover your ears for those portions of the discussion. (Some people suggest the best way to listen to our program is to cover your ears through the whole thing.) ** SPOILER ALERT **

You know the ones we’re talking about – and yes, we will have to include the progressively more ridiculous films of M Night Shyamalan. Feel free to call in and clue us into your favorite films with endings that seem to come out of left field. Bringing you the worst in pretentious film discussions ( or WILL we… ) and web talk radio… guaranteed!

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